Kim Kardashian, Twit Pic

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Let's be honest: The world does not often speak of Kim Kardashian's face.

Much ballyhoo is made of her booty, her money, her boyfriends, her other money, her other, other money and her array of expensive shoes.

What gets ignored? The fact that, empirically, Kim is a beautiful woman, whose face—yes, her face—is perfectly at home in a magazine fashion spread.

If you think we're making a straw dog argument, consider that New York Magazine recently made her its cover girl, shooting her in a pose reminiscent of Che Guevara, only to question whether she deserved to be there. (Transparent much?)

Now comes this new photo, posted by V magazine photographer Nick Knight and redistributed by Ms. Kim herself.

One thing is certain: Kim looks great and, yes, she deserve to be there.

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