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    Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Katy Perry and Jessica Chastain Are September Magazine Cover Girls

    Vanity Fair, Glamour, Lucky, Elle, September Covers Mario Testino, exclusively for Vanity Fair; Glamour; Lucky; Carter Smith for ELLE
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    The new crop of fashion mags is in, so time to crawl into the tub and see what those New York editors on the 103rd floor have in store for us—with the help of a few celebs, of course!

    Here's the short version: Katy Perry is sucking it in, Jessica Chastain is busting out and Eva Longoria's buttoning up. We're also seeing some very creative accessorizing from Victoria Beckham.

    Specifics? Sure. For her guest-editor stint at Glamour, Mrs. David Beckham didn't just oversee the magazine's editorial, she also did a cover shoot wearing a Lover top, a belt from her own collection and...a refrigerator. Cool couture, that.

    David Beckham is Esquire UK's September cover star—see the photos here!

    Meanwhile, over at Elle, Katy Perry is reminding us that's single and she's keepin' it tight. OK, to be fair, maybe she's not sucking it in. Maybe she always looks like she's holding her breath when she poses in teeny, tiny selections from Etro, Bottega Veneta and YSL. Either way, Katy, don't forget to exhale.

    Jessica Chastain, for her part, is showing she can vamp it up right along with the underdressed young-Hollywood set, posing topless inside Vanity Fair. (And braless on the cover?)

    And, finally, there's Eva Longoria. We're not fans of short shorts paired with blazers, but if you look like a Desperate Housewife, you can get away with anything, and on the cover of Lucky.

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