Alicia Keys


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Welcome to the Instagram bikini club, Alicia Keys!

There's a hipster filter on the image, of course, because you can't just take a photo with your phone anymore. No, that would rob the pic of the faux-'70s irony it needs to survive out in the social media wild, or something—must make it look vintage and grainy and retro.

That said, we applaud the singer's hubby, Swizz Beatz, for having excellent taste in Bond girls...

Keys, who recorded a duet with Jack White for the theme song on Quantum of Solace, also has a fitting nickname for his wife of nearly two years.

"My Bond Girl," he tweeted, next to a smiley emoticon. He followed that with, "007 AK47."

A gun reference mixed with Keys' initials, eh? It's understandable—given his lady's killer bod.

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