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Fashion Police: Too Many Bad Dresses at the AMAs

Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Bell, Kate Hudson, Kelly Clarkson Steve Granitz/Getty Images; Kevin Mazur/AMA2009/Getty Images; ABC/RICK ROWELL; Kevin Mazur/AMA2009/Getty Images; ABC/RICK ROWELL
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Last night's AMAs were not only about tripping all over yourself, they were also about bad fashion. Yay, our favorite!

Nicole Kidman continues to underwhelm us in another pastel, ruffled, tiered dress, this time by Balenciaga. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez went with too much matchy-matchy white in head-to-toe Gucci. We will say it's nice to see her smile and not doing that sex face she usually makes.  

A couple of question regarding Kristen Bell. What is she doing there? And is that really a tube top with a high-waisted skirt? OK, cool, just wanted to make sure we were seeing things right because...ew!

Kate Hudson was there to pimp Nine (you know, the movie where she sings) in a vintage Gianni Versace chainmail dress that was not only totally shapeless but was on the verge of exposing some nipple...

Alas, there was flesh-colored mesh under there to keep things covered up.

And finally Kelly Clarkson. Oh, Kelly. Why does she do this to us? We love her so much, we really just want to help her find something flattering to wear. The cut of this dress really isn't doing her any favors (too long), the fishnets are too light to be flattering, the sparkles are more matronly than fun like T.Swift, and the hair could have used some styling.

The craziest thing of all is while these five ladies were all failing at the red carpet, Paula Abdul was actually looking normal and good. Someone please explain that.


But wait! There were some people at the AMAs we liked. See who our Fashion Police actually approved of right here.