Robert Pattinson

Courtesy of Stefanie Keenan/WireImage

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We're supposed to say something about the suit Robert Pattinson wore to Elle's 19th Annual Women in Hollywood gala, but, good Lord, the man looks exhausted.

It's like he was just mobbed by a roving pack of cougars lying in wait at the Four Seasons piano bar and had to chew off one of his feet just to make it out of there.

R.Pattz, seriously, what's gotten into you?

Has the shrieking mob of vampire groupies outside your hotel kept you from sleeping for the past three years? Or is it just that being sexy all day every day is exhausting?

Whatever it is, buck up. And if you find yourself sans date again, call us. No, literally, call. Like, out the window. We're the ones shrieking right outside your hotel.

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