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    Botched Before and After: Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif Meet the Human Ken Doll and Fix a Uniboob—See the Recap!

    Botched Recap, EP 101

    On the series premiere of Botched, we meet a woman with a uniboob, an actress who has undergone six nose jobs, as well as the "Human Ken Doll" who has created his own plastic surgery plan to attain ultimate perfection!

    We are first introduced to Dr. Paul Nassif, who specializes in cosmetic procedures from the neck up. He performs facelifts, rhinoplasty and eyelifts.

    Then we meet Dr. Terry Dubrow, whose specialty is head-to-toe plastic surgery.

    Botched Recap, EP 101

    Together they specialize in revision plastic surgery, where they take on patients who have previously gone under the knife, working to repair bad plastic surgery and botched cosmetic procedures!

    We also learn a scary statistic: 50% of plastic surgery performed in the US is done by doctors with no training! Scary...

    The first patient we meet is Alicia Jenkins, who has a uniboob as the result of getting bad breast implants.

    Botched Recap, EP 101

    Prior to giving birth to her son, Alicia was a 36DD but breastfeeding left her with uneven boobs, so she decided to get breast implants.

    But her surgery didn't go as she had hoped and now her boobs touch, leaving her with no cleavage. In addition to being self-conscious, Alicia is in constant pain and can barely pick up her son. Her relationship with her husband has also been affected, resulting in low intimacy between the two. Will the doctors be able to help?

    Next we meet Michelle, an actress who has had six nose jobs!

    Botched Recap, EP 101

    She was in a bad car accident years ago and had to undergo several surgeries after her nose collapsed. Despite numerous nose jobs, Michelle is not happy with how her nose looks and has trouble breathing, not to mention that she suffers from constant discomfort and pain.

    She feels like Michael Jackson, and as a result, her acting dreams have been shattered. Will the seventh nose job be a charm?

    Botched Recap, EP 101

    Before going into the operating room, Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow stop by the home of Justin Jedlica, who has earned himself the nickname "Human Ken Doll."

    Botched Recap, EP 101

    Justin has requested a private consultation for several procedures that he wants performed. They include calf implants, lat implants and ab implants!

    Botched Recap, EP 101

    He also points out that he likes to remain half awake during his procedures so that he can be involved in the surgical process. Weird...

    Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow tell Justin that they don't want to risk any complications by performing his numerous procedures. They also point out that their primary goal is to help people who have suffered from disastrous surgery and want to look normal again. Justin is slightly disappointed but he plans to continue his search for a doctor who will be willing to perform what he wants. We wish him the best!

    Later, Dr. Nassif goes into the operating room with Michelle to fix her nose. He ends up removing a metal wire that was left in from a previous surgery and he takes some cartilage from her ribs to create a new structure for her nose.

    After several weeks, Michelle is fully healed and debuts her new nose at a party with friends! She is very happy with her results and finally feels confident!

    Botched Recap, EP 101

    Here's a before and after shot of Michelle!

    Botched Recap, EP 101

    Meanwhile, Dr. Dubrow gets to work on Alicia, removing the implants that were way too big for her chest. He does her surgery in two parts, so after the implants are removed she must rest for several weeks in order to allow her chest to properly heal.

    After she returns, Dr. Dubrow puts in smaller implants that are more realistic for her body. Finally the process is done!

    A few weeks later, Alicia achieves her dream of posing in a photo shoot for her clothing line with her brand new boobs!

    Botched Recap, EP 101

    See that big difference!

    Botched Recap, EP 101

    She looks amazing and feels great, not to mention the fact that she can be more active her son and intimate with her husband once again! Looks like a happy ending for everyone this time...

    Botched Recap, EP 101

    Tune-in for an all-new episode of Botched this Sunday, June 29 at 10/9c!

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