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Kate Beckinsale Insults Chelsea Handler's Body During Yoga on After Lately: Watch the Clip!

Tue., Mar. 26, 2013 10:15 AM PDT by Matt Faaborg

"I've been sort of looking at your body a bit, and I feel like… it's not great, Chelsea."

Leave it to Kate Beckinsale to cut right to the core of Chelsea Handler!

In this week's episode of After Lately, Kate and Chelsea take a private yoga class together, which is all upward-dogs and fun until Kate tells Chelsea that she needs to make drastic changes to her body...and sort of forces her to check out her butt in yoga pants.

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Of course, it's totally unfair of Kate to comment on anyone's body, as she has one of the best in Hollywood, even after having a child. Also, she never seems to age. Ever.

Beckinsale is just one of many big guest stars on this season of After Lately; the season premiere featured Reese Witherspoon, who berated Chelsea over money issues. Poor Chelsea! With friends like these, who needs enemies?

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