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Now that Kris and Bruce are officially divorced, the family will find out if they can keep their bond even when their parents are split apart for good. Sides are being picked, choices are being made that will last a lifetime, and the only constant is family drama. When everything is turned upside-down, the only thing this family can bet on is their love for each other.

In The Blink Of An Eye…

Season 10 Episode 1013
(Aired 5-31-2015) tv-14


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    Kim's Fairytale Wedding, Pt. 1

    Season 6 Episode 614 (10-9-2011)

    Kim and Kris move up their wedding to the summer which is in three months! Khloe begins quizzing Kris on his past and her hard-hitting questions begin to annoy him—and pretty soon, lead to a full-blow inquisition that ends up putting the two at odds.

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    The Proposal

    Season 6 Episode 613 (9-5-2011)

    After bonding with Kim's family in Bora Bora, Kris Humphries decides he's ready to make Kim his wife--but he needs to ask for Bruce's permission! After getting his blessing, Kris breaks the news to Kim's mom who can't wait to help plan the proposal.