Catch Up Episodes

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    EJ NYC: The Absolute Most

    Season 1 Episode 101 (6-19-2016)

    In the series premiere, EJ’s move back to NYC threatens Elisa’s relationship with her boyfriend. The drama comes to a head at Elisa’s birthday party with the arrival of her ex-boyfriend.

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    Famously Single: What Are THOSE?

    Season 1 Episode 101 (6-14-2016)

    Eight single celebrities move into a spacious LA loft, where Dr. Darcy Sterling will help them identify their relationship issues. On night one, things get heated between Brandi and Somaya.

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    Botched: Plastic Fantastic

    Season 3 Episode 306 (6-14-2016)

    After nearly dying, an ex-playboy model wants a second chance. Terry helps a nurse with one big boob, and reality star Angelique “Frenchy” Morgan wants to be even more plastic fantastic.

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    #RichKids of Beverly Hills: #BacheloretteBlowUp

    Season 4 Episode 407 (6-12-2016)

    While at Morgan’s bachelorette party in Miami, Dorothy confronts Morgan about what Bianca told her. Bianca flies to Miami to support Dorothy and gets into a massive blowout with Morgan.

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    Keeping Up with the Kardashians: The Kardashian Curse

    Season 12 Episode 1206 (6-12-2016)

    Khloé heads to Napa with Kourtney and Kris. Meanwhile, Scott goes to great lengths to rid himself of the alleged Kardashian Curse.

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    Botched: Super Fupa

    Season 3 Episode 305 (6-7-2016)

    Terry operates on a cancer survivor whose gynecologist did her tummy tuck, Paul performs a rhinoplasty on a woman who’s been teased since childhood, and a human doll seeks the doctors' help.

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    #RichKids of Beverly Hills: #BadNewsBianca

    Season 4 Episode 406 (6-5-2016)

    Brendan lets loose on his bachelor party in Cabo. Dorothy’s world is rocked when Bianca reveals that Morgan isn't the friend she thought she was. EJ sits front row at New York Fashion Week.

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    Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Fake It til' You Make It

    Season 12 Episode 1205 (6-5-2016)

    Kendall, Kylie and Khloé undergo a makeover in hopes of experiencing a “normal” day out. Scott is feeling insecure about his place in the family and Kris is resistant to Corey’s idea of fun.

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    Botched: Double D-Saster

    Season 3 Episode 304 (5-31-2016)

    Paul helps a performer who isn't comfortable walking the streets without makeup, a woman with “sideshow boobs” tries to help her marriage, and the doctors extract body modification implants.

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    #RichKids of Beverly Hills: #SkeletonsInTheCloset

    Season 4 Episode 405 (5-29-2016)

    Morgan meets with a bestselling author in New York City. Meanwhile, Brendan has some concerns about the content of Morgan’s book. EJ launches his new nail signature polish shade, Jaded.

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    Botched: Pinched Perfect

    Season 3 Episode 303 (5-24-2016)

    Paul helps singer Norwood Young find his voice again. Terry helps a young mother whose surgeon put in two different sized implants. The doctors assist a woman with stretched out earlobes.

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    #RichKids of Beverly Hills: #WakingUpInVegas

    Season 4 Episode 404 (5-22-2016)

    EJ decides to begin creating his own business empire while also giving back to the LGBT community. Dorothy takes everyone to Vegas to celebrate her birthday, where Morgan confronts Bianca.

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    Keeping Up with the Kardashians: All About Meme

    Season 12 Episode 1204 (5-22-2016)

    The girls start to make peace with Rob’s new relationship. Meanwhile, Kris and Kim reach their breaking points as housemates, and Kendall struggles with feeling left out.

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    #RichKids of Beverly Hills: #GossipGirl

    Season 4 Episode 403 (5-15-2016)

    EJ and Dorothy “hunt” for eligible men on Rodeo Drive. Bianca tells Dorothy about a family fallout between her and Brendan, which leads to a showdown with Morgan at Jonny's first DJ event.

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    Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Significant Others and Significant Brothers

    Season 12 Episode 1203 (5-15-2016)

    Khloé is upset when she is the last to know that Rob is moving into a house of his own. Meanwhile, Kourtney becomes an interior design diva after landing the cover of Architectural Digest.

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    #RichKids of Beverly Hills: #MaidofDishonor

    Season 4 Episode 402 (5-8-2016)

    Morgan chooses her bridal party. Dorothy bails on wedding activities and goes to NYC with Bianca. EJ and Morgan take a tantra class. Meanwhile, Jonny takes the first steps of becoming a DJ.

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    #RichKids of Beverly Hills: #Bridezilla

    Season 4 Episode 401 (5-1-2016)

    Morgan’s bridezilla ways push Brendan past his limit. Dorothy leans on her friend Bianca for support. EJ gets his own place in LA. Jonny’s world is rocked by a health scare.

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    WAGS: You're In A Fake Relationship

    Season 1 Episode 108 (10-6-2015)

    Natalie gets cold feet about her relationship with Shaun. Olivia’s single status finally takes a promising turn. Autumn accuses Natalie of being in a fake relationship.

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    WAGS: I Kissed a Girl

    Season 1 Episode 107 (9-29-2015)

    The girls celebrate Barbie’s Bachelorette in Miami. Ashley finds out Dashon has been traded to the Redskins. Olivia has a date with an athlete that doesn’t go as planned.

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    WAGS: For Love or Money

    Season 1 Episode 106 (9-22-2015)

    Natalie is faced with choosing between her career and her relationship. Nicole puts her career in jeopardy. Barbie receives a surprise package. Sasha finds out the gender of her baby.

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    WAGS: Mexican Standoff

    Season 1 Episode 105 (9-15-2015)

    A trip to Mexico for Natalie’s birthday allows the WAGs to let loose, but Autumn second guesses joining them. Barbie bonds with Natalie and Olivia.

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    WAGS: Never Have I Ever

    Season 1 Episode 104 (9-7-2015)

    Natalie & Olivia work on growing their Insta-Famous business. Ashley tries her best to moves on after her wedding gets postponed. Barbie struggles with life after the WWE.

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    WAGS: Is it Another Girl?

    Season 1 Episode 103 (9-1-2015)

    Ashley questions Dashon’s fidelity after her wedding is postponed. Natalie’s friends throw her a party and Barbie’s presence causes a stir. Nicole pressures Larry about marriage and kids.

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    WAGS: Set a Date or Die!

    Season 1 Episode 102 (8-25-2015)

    Nicole arranges a semi-nude photo shoot. Barbie extends an olive branch. After 11 years together, Ashley and Dashon finally set a wedding date, but it might just be too good to be true.

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    WAGS: The WAG Life

    Season 1 Episode 101 (8-18-2015)

    To be a part of the WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends of Sport Stars) world, you must know your place in the hierarchy. A WAGS Vegas trip promises fun, but insecurities may ruin things for everyone.