Catch Up Episodes

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    Total Divas: The New Divas Champion

    Season 3 Episode 320 (3-8-2015)

    The Bellas contemplate signing on for another three years in the ring. Meanwhile, Paige asks Bradley to move to LA, and Eva’s husband jeopardizes her relationship with the WWE.

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    Total Divas: Indecent Exposure

    Season 3 Episode 319 (3-8-2015)

    Paige brings her new hookup along for a Three Amigas vacation in Key West, the Bellas are shocked by a nude pic of their brother and Nattie meets Grumpy Cat.

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    Total Divas: Model Behavior

    Season 3 Episode 318 (3-1-2015)

    Ariane is embarrassed for her father to meet Vinnie’s family; Nattie struggles with supporting TJ’s new career choice, and Paige rebels when WWE tells her not to get a tattoo.

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    Total Divas: Mo' Money, Mo' Purses

    Season 3 Episode 317 (2-22-2015)

    Nattie takes on the job of renovating her mom’s house. Brie tries to curb Nicole's out of control spending, and Eva Marie creates a Vegas bucket list for her Dad.

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    Total Divas: All Hail Brie Mode

    Season 3 Episode 316 (2-15-2015)

    Brie and Paige take the UK by storm, and Nikki worries Brie's extreme behavior will jeopardize their performance in the ring. Meanwhile, Nattie asks TJ for help with a family disaster.