Catch Up Episodes

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    The Soup: The Soup 10/2

    Season 12 Episode 1238 (10-2-2015)

    Joel McHale cracks on the latest Hollywood headlines and odd reality TV moments.

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    WAGS: I Kissed a Girl

    Season 1 Episode 107 (9-29-2015)

    The girls celebrate Barbie’s Bachelorette in Miami. Ashley finds out Dashon has been traded to the Redskins. Olivia has a date with an athlete that doesn’t go as planned.

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    Total Divas: Return of the Ex

    Season 4 Episode 413 (9-28-2015)

    Nikki’s ex-boyfriend turns up the heat, Nattie faces career-ending news for both her and TJ, and Paige debates telling her fiancé her true feelings.

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    Fashion Police: Fashion Police 9/28

    Season 5 Episode 512 (9-28-2015)

    Hosts Giuliana Rancic, Brad Goreski and Melissa Rivers break down the good, the bad, and the WTF fashion moments from fashion's biggest nights.

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    House of DVF: No Pictures Please

    Season 2 Episode 203 (9-27-2015)

    The girls must design a dress for the DVF collection, but two disastrous designs prompt Diane to bring them to a CFDA event for a do or die evaluation.

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    Dash Dolls: Little Pink Lies

    Season 1 Episode 102 (9-27-2015)

    The Kardashians help Malika and Khadijah deal with the aftermath of their nude shoot fallout. While Stephanie's boyfriend is away in rehab, the dolls try to set her up with another guy.

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    Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kardashians 9/27

    Season 10 Episode 1015 (9-27-2015)

    When everything is turned upside-down, the only thing this family can bet on is their love for each other. This the new normal, and it's anything but.

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    We Have Issues: We Have Issues 9/25

    Season 1 Episode 102 (9-25-2015)

    Julian McCullough and Annie Lederman battle it out in a competitive comedy debate about the week’s biggest pop culture news.

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    The Soup: The Soup 9/25

    Season 12 Episode 1237 (9-25-2015)

    Joel McHale cracks on the latest Hollywood headlines and odd reality TV moments. With guest Kunal Nayyar

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    WAGS: For Love or Money

    Season 1 Episode 106 (9-22-2015)

    Natalie is faced with choosing between her career and her relationship. Nicole puts her career in jeopardy. Barbie receives a surprise package. Sasha finds out the gender of her baby.

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    Total Divas: Some Like It Hot

    Season 4 Episode 412 (9-22-2015)

    The Divas vacation to Tulum, Mexico, where Paige tells the Divas she’s engaged, the Bellas find out they will have a new sibling, and Alicia puts Trinity’s relationship with Jon at risk.

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    House of DVF: An American In Paris

    Season 2 Episode 202 (9-20-2015)

    Jealousy ensues as two girls are picked to go to Paris Fashion Week with Diane, and the drama escalates as the pair have a public cat-fight at a high-profile press event.

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    Dash Dolls: Valley of the Dash Dolls

    Season 1 Episode 101 (9-20-2015)

    In the series premiere, we meet the employees of the Kardashian's L.A. boutique clothing store, DASH.

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    Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Mother Armenia

    Season 10 Episode 1014 (9-20-2015)

    Kim and Khloé visit the land of their ancestors to fulfill a long-standing dream of their father’s. Kourtney wants to figure out why Kylie is being so distant and finds something unexpected.

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    We Have Issues: We Have Issues 9/18

    Season 1 Episode 101 (9-18-2015)

    Julian McCullough and Annie Lederman battle it out in a competitive comedy debate about the week’s biggest pop culture news.

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    WAGS: Mexican Standoff

    Season 1 Episode 105 (9-15-2015)

    A trip to Mexico for Natalie’s birthday allows the WAGs to let loose, but Autumn second guesses joining them. Barbie bonds with Natalie and Olivia.

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    Total Divas: An Unwanted Proposal

    Season 4 Episode 411 (9-15-2015)

    Paige is blindsided by a marriage proposal, Brie and Bryan clash over his plans for the future, and Trinity’s plans for Jon’s standup career backfire.

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    House of DVF: Fashion Dream Job

    Season 2 Episode 201 (9-13-2015)

    Diane von Furstenberg launches another search for her next Brand Ambassador. In New York, candidates are put to the test at DVF's Fall fashion show, while L.A. finalists style for Rachel Zoe.

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    I Am Cait: A New Beginning

    Season 1 Episode 108 (9-13-2015)

    Cait and Kris Jenner make an effort to move forward as a family. Cait plans a spiritual ceremony to claim her new name, and it becomes a symbolic celebration for her new friends as well.

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    WAGS: Never Have I Ever

    Season 1 Episode 104 (9-7-2015)

    Natalie & Olivia work on growing their Insta-Famous business. Ashley tries her best to moves on after her wedding gets postponed. Barbie struggles with life after the WWE.

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    Total Divas: Gone with the Wine

    Season 4 Episode 410 (9-7-2015)

    Nikki takes a much needed trip to Napa, Trinity drags her family on an RV camping trip, and Eva must choose between her career and Jonathan.

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    I Am Cait: I Am Cait 9/6

    Season 1 Episode 107 (9-6-2015)

    Living for the first time as the person she feels she was born to be, Cait explores what her transition means for the people in her life and how those relationships are affected.

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    WAGS: Is it Another Girl?

    Season 1 Episode 103 (9-1-2015)

    Ashley questions Dashon’s fidelity after her wedding is postponed. Natalie’s friends throw her a party and Barbie’s presence causes a stir. Nicole pressures Larry about marriage and kids.

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    Total Divas: Clash of the Divas

    Season 4 Episode 409 (9-1-2015)

    Paige lands herself in hot water with WWE, Nattie sets her sister up with Big E, and Bryan takes issue with Brie's sexy wardrobe.

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    I Am Cait: The Dating Game

    Season 1 Episode 106 (8-30-2015)

    Cait realizes how hard it can be to date as a trans woman. Cait tries to get Candis to believe in love again, while Jenny Boylan encourages Cait to talk about who she's attracted to.

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    WAGS: Set a Date or Die!

    Season 1 Episode 102 (8-25-2015)

    Nicole arranges a semi-nude photo shoot. Barbie extends an olive branch. After 11 years together, Ashley and Dashon finally set a wedding date, but it might just be too good to be true.

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    I Am Cait: Take Pride

    Season 1 Episode 105 (8-23-2015)

    Caitlyn attends a NYC pride event and finally feels included. Meanwhile, Caitlyn struggles to reconnect with her male friends and Scott Disick offers his advice.

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    WAGS: The WAG Life

    Season 1 Episode 101 (8-18-2015)

    To be a part of the WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends of Sport Stars) world, you must know your place in the hierarchy. A WAGS Vegas trip promises fun, but insecurities may ruin things for everyone.

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    I Am Cait: Family Interference

    Season 1 Episode 104 (8-16-2015)

    Cait better understands her family's reaction to her Vanity Fair article. Candis invites Cait over for an all-girl sleepover, and Cait visits a support group for families with trans kids.

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    I Am Cait: The Road Trip Part 2

    Season 1 Episode 103 (8-9-2015)

    Cait's new friends challenge her to break down her walls and get personal. Meanwhile, Cait must figure out how to balance her old friendships with her new ones.

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    I Am Cait: The Road Trip Part 1

    Season 1 Episode 102 (8-2-2015)

    Cait is thrilled to be on a road trip with a group of her new transgender friends, but they question if her privileged status hinders her from becoming their new spokesperson.

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    I Am Cait: Meeting Cait

    Season 1 Episode 101 (7-26-2015)

    Caitlyn Jenner announces her true self to the world, but still struggles with meeting some of her family for the first time. She is also inspired to learn about transgender youth in crisis.

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    Keeping Up with the Kardashians: In The Blink Of An Eye…

    Season 10 Episode 1013 (5-31-2015)

    In this mid-season finale, the siblings return home from Montana to wish their dad well as Bruce prepares to transition. Kim pursues one last hope of getting pregnant.

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    Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Moons Over Montana

    Season 10 Episode 1012 (5-24-2015)

    Kim tries to keep traditions alive by planning a family trip to Montana, but there's no mistaking that this year's vacation has different vibe. Khloé risks life and limb to bond with Kylie.