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  1. Chad L. Coleman

    Chad L. Coleman Unleashes Rant on NYC Subway, Identifies Himself as The Walking Dead and The Wire Actor

  2. The Walking Dead, Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus

    The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Is Super Adorable When Talking About Daryl and Carol—Watch!

  3. The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead Season 6: Is Glenn Going to Die? What's Happening With Morgan?

  4. Nikki Reed, Ian Somerhalder, Instagram

    Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed, Norman Reedus and Other Stars Surprise People on April Fools' Day—See Pics!

  5. The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead: Find Out Who's Returning in "Scary" Season 6!

  6. The Walking Dead, S5 Ep16

    The Walking Dead's Incredible Season 5 Finale Nearly Killed Us – Find Out What Went Down!

  7. The Walking Dead, Spinoff

    Fear The Walking Dead Teaser Trailer Is Here! It's Flu Season...

  8. The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead's Wild Fist Fight: Has Rick Gone A Little Too Far?

  9. The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead's Dirty, Sweaty Secrets Revealed by Josh McDermitt

  10. Walking Dead

    Nobody Is Safe! Where Do The Walking Dead's Latest Horrifying Deaths Rank?

  11. The Walking dead

    You're Going to Need Carol's Cookie Recipe After Tonight's Horrific Walking Dead

  12. The Walking Dead, Carol's Cookies, Melissa McBride

    Now You Can Make Carol's Cookies From The Walking Dead

  13. The Walking Dead, Spinoff

    The Walking Dead Companion Series Gets 2 Season Order at AMC

  14. The Walking dead

    Cookies, Kisses & Scary Carol: Why We're So Into The Walking Dead Right Now

  15. House of Cards, Season 3

    House of Cards' Kim Dickens on Slaying Politicians and The Walking Dead Spinoff's "Sexy" Zombies

  16. The Walking Dead

    Rick and Co. Finally Took Showers On The Walking Dead, But Did They Also Find True Happiness?

  17. The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus

    The Walking Dead Finally Gives Us A Little Hope And Also Applesauce

  18. The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus

    The Walking Dead Recap: Slow and Sad Wins the Race – Plus, a New Character!

  19. Michael Cudlitz, Ben McKenzie

    Ben McKenzie: I Will "Totally" Play a Zombie on The Walking Dead

  20. Norman Reedus, The Tonight Show

    The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Plays "Facebreakers" With Jimmy Fallon and Someone Gets Wet—Watch!

  21. Steven Yeun, Conan O'Brien, CONAN

    The Walking Dead Star Steven Yeun Gets Naked (and Cozy) With Conan O'Brien at Korean Spa—Watch!

  22. Steven Yeun, The Walking Dead

    Did The Walking Dead Boss Just Reveal a Huge Spoiler About a Big Death?

  23. The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead Producer Explains Why the Latest Shocking Death Had to Happen, and More

  24. The Walking Dead, Death Gallery

    Beloved Walking Dead Casualty Books Epic Villain Role on The Flash

  25. Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere: Who's the Newest Horribly Devastating Death?

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