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    Ben McKenzie: I Will "Totally" Play a Zombie on The Walking Dead

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    The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Plays "Facebreakers" With Jimmy Fallon and Someone Gets Wet—Watch!

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    Did The Walking Dead Boss Just Reveal a Huge Spoiler About a Big Death?

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    The Walking Dead Producer Explains Why the Latest Shocking Death Had to Happen, and More

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    Beloved Walking Dead Casualty Books Epic Villain Role on The Flash

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    The Walking Dead's Latest Trailer Reveals a Fight for Hope

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    Is This The Walking Dead's New Gay Character?

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    The Walking Dead Companion Series Casts Gone Girl Star as Female Lead

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    New Details on The Walking Dead Spinoff!

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    "Huge Change" Ahead for The Walking Dead

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    Greek Wedding! Amber Stevens Marries Andrew J. West, The Walking Dead's Gareth—See the Photos!

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    RIP [Spoiler!]: AMC Apologizes After Outrage Over A Walking Dead Facebook Post

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    The Walking Dead Boss Finally Confirms Daryl Dixon's Sexuality

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