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    Steven Spielberg Pulls the Plug on Robopocalypse

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    Lincoln Leads 2013 BAFTA Nominations—but What Happened to Steven Spielberg?

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    Steven Spielberg's Greatest Hits: Lincoln, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List

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    Golden Globes 2013: Taylor Swift, Ben Affleck, Lena Dunham, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sofia Vergara and More React to Nominations!

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    Lincoln Director Steven Spielberg Honors Gettysburg Address Anniversary at Citizenship Ceremony

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    Wait, Did Twilight Fans Make Lincoln a Hit?

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    Daniel Day-Lewis Is So Good In Lincoln (and Everything) That He Must Be a Robot—or an Alien

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    Box Office: Skyfall the Biggest Bond of All-Time; Lincoln Looks Presidential

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    Lincoln Review Roundup: Steven Spielberg's Grandiose, Awards-Baiting Epic Is the Candidate to Beat

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    Oscar-Buzz Cheat Sheet: Lincoln Wins in a Landslide?!

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    Star Wars 7 Rumor Roundup! Director and Writer Whispers, Plus Incredibles and Harry Potter Connections

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    From Madonna to Gwyneth Paltrow: Why Some Stars Donate to Campaigns and Some Just Talk

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    Steven Spielberg Nixes Lincoln Presidential Election Connection: "It Has Nothing to Do With the Current Politics!"

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