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  1. Sinead O'Connor, Dr. Phil

    Sinéad O'Connor to Dr. Phil: "I Am Fed Up of Being Defined as the Crazy Person"

  2. Sinead O'Connor, Arsenio Hall, Prince

    Sinéad O'Connor Apologizes for Claiming Arsenio Hall Supplied Prince With Drugs

  3. Sinead O'Connor

    Sinéad O'Connor Slams Suicide ''Gossip,'' Says She Is "Far Too F--king Happy for That!"

  4. Sinead O'Connor

    Can Sinéad O'Connor Be Saved From Herself?

  5. Sinead OConnor

    Sinéad O'Connor Found Safe, No Longer Considered a Missing Person

  6. Sinead O'Connor, Arsenio Hall, Prince

    Arsenio Hall Sues Sinéad O'Connor for $5 Million Over Prince and Drug Accusations