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  1. Lara Spencer

    Lara Spencer Signs Long-Term Deal With Good Morning America: 5 Other Hosts We Love Waking Up to

  2. love it BUY IT

    Love It? Buy It!

  3. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Fox & Friends

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck's TV Return Is Imminent—Check Out Her Fox & Friends Promo

  4. Bill O'Reilly

    Bill O'Reilly's Big Oops—Find Out What He's Apologizing for

  5. Morgan Freeman, Golden Globes

    Morgan Freeman Explains Twerking to the Uninitiated

  6. Soup 500

    Joel McHale Talks The Soup's Live 500th Episode Tonight: "The Last 9 Years Were a Warm-Up"

  7. Shaquille O'Neil, Joel McHale, The Soup

    Shaq, WWE Divas Lead a Star-Studded Serving of Guests on Tonight's The Soup

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