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  1. Elizabeth Hurley

    Elizabeth Hurley Teases The Royals Season 3: ''There's Definitely Some Big Twists Coming Up''—Watch!

  2. The Royals 208

    Princess Eleanor Tries and Fails to Get Answers From Queen Helena About Dominique Stewart's Murder: Watch The Royals Clip

  3. The Royals 208

    King Cyrus Gets High and Threatens to Kill Queen Helena With a Sword After Violet's Disappearance: Watch The Royals Clip

  4. The Royals 207

    The Royals Recap: Prince Liam Uncovers What Domino Means, Queen Helena Bonds With Princess Eleanor for Her Birthday and More

  5. The Royals 207

    Queen Helena Promises Princess Eleanor a Mother-Daughter Day for Her Birthday: ''I Should Have Given You More of Myself''—Watch!

  6. Elizabeth Hurley

    Elizabeth Hurley Strips Down to a Bikini, Poses With Wolves in Sexy & Hilarious Holiday Post!

  7. The Royals, 205

    Was King Simon's Murderer Just Revealed? See 8 OMG Moments From The Royals!

  8. The Royals 205

    Queen Helena Loses Her Temper While Confronting Lucius About Captain Alistair Lacey's Disappearance: Watch The Royals Clip!

  9. The Royals 205

    Queen Helena Is Pissed to Discover Princess Eleanor Making Out With a Woman in the Tabloids—Watch The Royals Clip!

  10. The Royals, 204

    Princess Eleanor Hooks Up With Mandy, King Cyrus Is Caught Drinking & Driving & More OMG Moments From The Royals

  11. The Royals, 204

    Queen Helena Calls King Cyrus a ''Son of a Bitch'' on The Royals: Watch Their Explosive Fight Now!

  12. The Royals

    Ophelia Shuts Down Prince Liam, Princess Eleanor Splits With Beck & More: 10 OMG Moments From The Royals!

  13. The Royals 202

    The Royals Recap: Princess Eleanor Gets a New Bodyguard, King Cyrus Drops a Major Health Bombshell and More

  14. Elizabeth Hurley

    Elizabeth Hurley Talks Dating and Reveals Her Ideal Man—Watch Now!

  15. Elizabeth Hurley, Instagram

    Elizabeth Hurley Thinks It's ''Weird'' Fans Are Still Interested in Her Relationship With Hugh Grant: ''We Haven't Dated for 15 Years''

  16. The Royals, Episode 105

    The Royals Recap: From Secret Hookups to Shocking Splits & Murder—See 15 OMG Moments From Season 1

  17. The Royals, Jake Maskall

    Jake Maskall Says Co-Star Elizabeth Hurley Has a "Wicked" Sense of Humor: "There's a Little Devil Behind Her Eyes"

  18. The Royals S2 Online Show Package

    A Reminder That The Royals Is the Insane Soap Opera You've Been Missing Since One Tree Hill Ended

  19. The Royals 201, William Moseley

    Prince Liam Gives Queen Helena the Cold Shoulder After She Compares Him to King Simon—Watch The Royals Clip!

  20. The Royals 201, Alexandra Park

    Princess Eleanor Tells Jasper Her "Mother's Vagina" Is a "Deal Breaker" When He Tries to Win Her Back—Watch!

  21. Elizabeth Hurley, Queen Helena, The Royals

    Elizabeth Hurley Takes Us Into Her Extravagant Royals Costume Closet (More than 60 Dresses!)—Watch Now

  22. Elizabeth Hurley, George Clooney, Hugh Grant

    Elizabeth Hurley Gushes Over Her ''Sweet'' Ex Hugh Grant, Says George Clooney Would Be ''Perfect'' on The Royals!

  23. The Royals S2 Online Show Package

    The Royal Hangover: Everything You Need to Know About E!'s New Post-Show Livestream!

  24. Elizabeth Hurley, Seth Meyers, Flirting

    Elizabeth Hurley Explains How Flirting Has Landed Her in the Emergency Room: "Sometimes I Get a Little Clumsy"

  25. Elizabeth Hurley

    Elizabeth Hurley Reveals the Interesting Way She Maintains Her Svelte Figure: "I Eat Plenty of Food"

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