1. Chris Brown, Instagram

    Chris Brown Smokes Three Joints of "Medicinal" Marijuana—See the Picture!

    Tue., Dec. 04, 2012 10:16 AM PST
  2. Lindsay Lohan, Mark Heller

    Lindsay Lohan Arrest: She Wasn't Doing Drugs or Drinking Last Night, Says Her Lawyer

    Thu., Nov. 29, 2012 4:17 PM PST
  3. Lindsay Lohan

    Lindsay Lohan: A Timeline of All Her Arrests (and Boy, There Are a Lot of 'Em)

    Thu., Nov. 29, 2012 10:59 AM PST
  4. Jerramy Stevens Mugshot

    Hope Solo's Husband Jerramy Stevens Back in Jail for Probation Violation; Soccer Star Speaks Out

    Wed., Nov. 28, 2012 2:17 PM PST
  5. Jon Bon Jovi, Stephanie Rose Bon Jovi

    Jon Bon Jovi Opens Up About Daughter Stephanie Bongiovi's Drug Arrest and Alleged Overdose: "We'll Get Through It"

    Wed., Nov. 21, 2012 7:49 AM PST
  6. Cameron Douglas, Stephanie Rose Bon Jovi

    Stephanie Bongiovi, Nick Hogan, Cameron Douglas and More Troubled Celebrity Kids

    Fri., Nov. 16, 2012 2:46 PM PST
  7. On The Road

    Kristen Stewart's Sexy New On the Road Trailer—Watch Now!

    Thu., Nov. 15, 2012 5:54 PM PST
  8. Jon Bon Jovi, Stephanie Rose Bon Jovi

    Jon Bon Jovi's Daughter Stephanie Bongiovi: Drug Charges Dropped After Alleged Heroin Overdose

    Thu., Nov. 15, 2012 3:00 PM PST
  9. Jon Bon Jovi, Stephanie Rose Bon Jovi

    Jon Bon Jovi's Daughter Arrested for Heroin Possession After Alleged Overdose in Dorm Room

    Wed., Nov. 14, 2012 11:14 AM PST
  10. Nadya Suleman, Octomom

    Octomom Nadya Suleman's Camp: "No Abuse Going On With Kids," Welfare Check Proves It

    Fri., Nov. 09, 2012 11:50 AM PST
  11. Sam Lutfi, Britney Spears

    Britney Spears Trial: Sam Lutfi Says Singer Shaved Her Head Fearing Hair Would Test Positive for Drugs

    Tue., Oct. 23, 2012 5:03 PM PDT
  12. Lance Armstrong

    Lance Armstrong Stripped of Seven Tour de France Titles, Banned for Life

    Mon., Oct. 22, 2012 6:17 AM PDT
  13. Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake

    Britney Spears "Changed" by Justin Timberlake Breakup, Family Attorney Says at Trial

    Fri., Oct. 19, 2012 4:44 PM PDT
  14. Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole Smith

    Anna Nicole Smith Still Haunting Howard K. Stern: Prison a Possibility in Prescription-Drug Case

    Thu., Oct. 18, 2012 6:22 PM PDT
  15. Montel Williams

    Montel Williams Calls Opponents to Legalizing Medical Marijuana "Racist"

    Thu., Oct. 18, 2012 5:30 PM PDT
  16. Lance Armstrong

    Lance Armstrong Quits as Chairman of Livestrong, Gets Dropped by Nike

    Wed., Oct. 17, 2012 7:41 AM PDT
  17. Nelly

    Rapper Nelly's Tour Bus Raided—Texas Border Cops Find Drugs, Gun

    Thu., Oct. 11, 2012 1:49 PM PDT
  18. Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga Labeled a "Slut" by NYC Politician for Onstage Pot Stunt

    Wed., Sep. 26, 2012 5:47 AM PDT
  19. Fiona Apple

    Fiona Apple Steps Out Post-Pot Bust, Ditches Jail-Issued Jumpsuit—See the Pic!

    Tue., Sep. 25, 2012 3:09 PM PDT
  20. Fiona Apple

    Why Fiona Apple, Armie Hammer and Other Stars Are Gettin' Busted for Pot in Same Texas Town!

    Fri., Sep. 21, 2012 6:15 AM PDT
  21. Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga Smokes Joint on Amsterdam Stage

    Wed., Sep. 19, 2012 11:03 AM PDT
  22. Russell Brand

    Celeb Do-Gooder: Russell Brand Gives Homeless Man a Shirt and a Ride

    Fri., Sep. 14, 2012 12:53 PM PDT
  23. Jael Strauss

    America's Next Top Model's Jael Strauss Addicted to Crystal Meth, Family Stages Intervention on Dr. Phil

    Wed., Sep. 12, 2012 8:33 AM PDT
  24. Paul Michael Glaser

    Starsky and Hutch Actor Paul Michael Glaser Pleads Not Guilty to Marijuana Possession

    Fri., Aug. 31, 2012 10:01 AM PDT