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    Dexter-Obsessed Teen Jailed for Murdering and Dismembering Girlfriend

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    Homeland’s Season 4 Plan Revealed, Dexter Spinoff Details, Nurse Jackie's Return and More Showtime Scoop

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    Showtime Wouldn't Let Dexter Die—Was Original Idea Better?

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    Breaking Bad Beats Its Own Ratings Record, Dexter Ends on a High Note

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    Dexter Series Finale Recap: Did Dexter Survive? Plus, a Fan Favorite Dies

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    Chills! Former Dexter Producer Clyde Phillips Reveals How He Planned to End the Series

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    Dexter and Breaking Bad Series Finale Debate: Should Antiheroes Dexter Morgan and Walt White Die?

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    This Scene from Dexter is Hilariously Awful

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    Dexter Stars Set Record Straight on Spinoff Plans, Play "Kiss, Marry, Kill" and Answer Awkward Divorce Question

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    Dexter Finale Teaser: Look Back on 96 Episodes of Blood, Baddies and Best Moments—Watch!

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    Showtime Boss on Dexter Spinoff, Homeland Concerns and Josh Hartnett's New Series

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    Dexter's Crazytown Twist: What Happens to Deb and Dexter Now?

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    Dexter Cast Reveals Who They Want to Die in the End

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    Dexter Season 8 Premiere Brings in Record Ratings; Ray Donovan Is Showtime's Highest-Rated Series Debut

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    Dexter Season 8 Scoop: Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter Dish on Series Ending "Unlike Any Other!"

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    Dexter Final Season Trailer Reveals New Big Bad, Deb's Dark Side—Watch Now!

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    Showtime Boss "Won't Rule Out" Dexter Spinoff Starring Jennifer Carpenter

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    Dexter: Showtime Confirms Next Season Is Its Last—Watch a Season Premiere Clip!

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    Dexter Ending After 8 Seasons, Says Les Moonves

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    Game of Thrones, Dexter Most Pirated TV Shows of 2012

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