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    How to Get Drunk and Solve Crimes: A Lesson From BBC's Sherlock

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    The Hobbit's Need for Speed: "It Was Mainly Fueled by Cocaine," Jokes Martin Freeman

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    Benedict Cumberbatch's Fifth Estate Topping 2013's Biggest Movie Flops

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    Robert Pattinson Teaming Up With Benedict Cumberbatch for Lost City of Z

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    Sherlock Season 3 Premiere Date Announced

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    The Fifth Estate: Five Things to Know About the Julian Assange Thriller

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    Benedict Cumberbatch Jokes That His Name "Sounds Like a Fart in a Bath"

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    Benedict Cumberbatch Defends Julian Assange Role, Talks Leonardo DiCaprio Encounter and "[Bleep] Fantasy"

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    WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Not Thrilled With Benedict Cumberbatch's Portrayal in The Fifth Estate, Asks Him to Reject Film

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    Benedict Cumberbatch, Emma Watson Voted Sexiest Movie Stars on Earth by Empire Readers

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    The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Trailer: Elves, Dwarves, and Dragons, Oh My!

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    Benedict Cumberbatch Talks Being Abducted in Africa 8 Years Ago

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    Benedict Cumberbatch to Receive Britannia Award for British Artist of the Year

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    Matt Damon Accepts Benedict Cumberbatch's Man Crush: "We'll Have to Go Get a Beer"

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    Benedict Cumberbatch Officiates Gay Wedding in Ibiza—See the Pics!

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    The Fifth Estate Trailer: Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Crash the System as Julian Assange in Wikileaks Thriller

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    Martin Freeman & Benedict Cumberbatch Reunite to Wrap Up Filming of Peter Jackson's Hobbit Trilogy—See the Pics

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