Emma Stone

Emma Stone
Emma Stone

Age: 28; November 18, 1988

Emma Stone has PowerPoint to thank, among other things, for her chance at blossoming into the A-List actor she has become.

It's true. When she was just 14 years old, Emily Stone (AKA Emma) convinced her family via computer presentation, set to Madonna's "Hollywood," to leave Arizona for the bright lights of Los Angeles. After many an audition, Stone made her debut as the totally crushable, yet relatable, Jules in the comedy Superbad, and has since captured everyone's attention with her good looks, hilarious comedy timing and realistic approach to acting.

Emma's next big gig was only a stone's throw away when the funny girl got a part in The Rocker with The Office's Rainn Wilson and Teddy Geiger, whom Emma briefly dated. The good stuff kept rolling in for the budding actress, nabbing parts in The House Bunny, Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past and Zombieland. Stone officially cemented her rep as Hollywood's most sought after young comedienne when she starred in the 2010 hit Easy A, an update on The Scarlet Letter in which she fake lost her virginity with panache.

Since then, Emma has been killing it in memorable films such as Friends with Benefits, Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Help, and The Amazing Spider-Man. The young star has managed to not get caught up in her fame, but definitely got a serious love bite from her Spider-Man co-star, Andrew Garfield. Through it all Stone has proven her staying power with her continued success on and off screen.

Much like her impressive breakthrough in Hollywood, Miss Stone has blazed quite the trail in the fashion world, quickly becoming the It Girl. It's no easy feat, but Emma has effortlessly charmed the pants off all of the fashion magnates with her bold yet sophisticated outfit choices, always standing out on the red carpet.

As much as Emma has changed her hair color (FYI: she is a natural blonde) the now mega-starlet's endearing appeal will certainly not fade anytime soon.

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