Before the This Is Us finale, creator Dan Fogelman took to Twitter to tease fans with Milo Ventimiglia's reaction after reading the script via a screenshot of their text exchange. Ventimiglia's reaction was probably precisely how you felt after seeing the final episode of the season, but something else stood out via the screenshot: Fogelman spelled Ventimiglia's name wrong, it's in his phone as "Milo Ventimilia."

"Ha! Didn't see that. Put into my phone early on. Hey I got "Milo" right," Fogelman said when somebody pointed it out.

Hey, we've been there. It can be a tricky name. Just how tricky? When E! News hit up the This Is Us season one finale screening red carpet we launched an informal spelling bee. Can the cast spell "Ventimiglia"? The results, well, you need to see the video above to experience it in all its glory.

This Is Us


We will spoil one result though: Mandy Moore spelled it right, of course.

"Yup, she nailed it," Ventimiglia told Kristin Dos Santos on the red carpet. "My TV wife nailed it."

"You just sound it out phonetically," Moore said.

"You take the ‘g' out and say it phonetically, that's how you say it," Ventimiglia said.

The more you know.

This Is Us will return for a second and third season on NBC. Be sure to watch E! News at 7 and 11 p.m. for more finale scoop.

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