Drew Carey may have started hosting the Price Is Right nearly 10 years ago, but it's still hard to forget about the show's original host, Bob Barker.

In fact, during an episode of the show this week, a contestant named Grace accidentally referred to Carey as "Bob."

While bidding on a pair of of action cameras, she yelled out, "$2,000, Bob!" to which Carey repeated, laughing, "$2000, Bob!"

After letting all the other contestants bid, Carey came back to the comment with a chuckle. "I've been doing this show almost 10 years," he said before shaking her hand. "Carey, Drew Carey. Nice to meet you." 

Meanwhile, Carey took over the hosting duties in October of 2007, just a few months after Barker announced his retirement in June 2007.

Barker hosted the game show for 35 years, starting in 1972.

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