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    Caught! Sundance Simmers With La Vida Lohan and Uma, Too!

    Uma Thurman

    Michael Lohan is proof that the indie festival is coming to a wrap, since he was the one helping out with the guest list for Harry O's just the other night in Park City. Thank heaven we have someone like M.L. in charge, because his important duty was to pick out the hot gals and usher them inside. This is not a joke. No wonder Lindsay is a nitwit nightlife fiend with no life to speak of. Like pops, like princess of pathetic. Also enjoying herself in the debauched icy air was...

    Minnie Driver, at the after-do for her flick Motherhood actually took the mic and sang for a bit, surprising the crowd with her fab voice. Guess she did come out with an album back in the day, but we're so used to writing off crossover talents, aren’t we? So jaded. Min was dressed in a knit cap and sweater, channeling her inner Park City hippie chic. Big crowd listening to her, too, but nothing like the gawkers slobbering all over...

    Uma Thurman, at the MySpace cafe. Uma-love was her leggy, luscious self, chatting up patrons in the diner. There was even a little fan gathering in front, all vying for U.T.'s autograph—like, she was Paris Hilton or something, only with talent and better exes. Also too cute at the same joint was...

    Woody Harrelson, chillin' outside. He was doing a couple of interviews while looking scruffy yet still tasty, despite the history of dubious hairdos and such. Woody had been bouncing up Main Street, first hitting up the Gibson Guitar Lounge before setting on his cozy outside table at the Lift. Appeared to be sober, too, guess he hadn’t met up with any Lohans yet.