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Seth Meyers, Miley Cyrus, Late Night

Lloyd Bishop/NBC

It seems Seth Meyers just can't be tamed. 

In an effort to befriend The Voice's newest judge, Miley Cyrus, the Late Night host decided to try his best to be cool—but it turned out to be no party in the USA.

"The executives here—for better or worse—like to make sure we all get along and become friends," Meyers introduced the segment Thursday night. "This has periodically led to a segment on the show called 'Forced Friendship.'"

"They ordered me—a 42-year-old man with a wife and a son—to become friends with Miley Cyrus—a 23 year old pop star," he continued. "Some may say I tried too hard." Yes, we said it, Meyers.  

First, the new dad opted to get his septum pierced—"to show her I'm a cool, young guy who can hang—but after Cyrus seemed less than impressed, he casually just ripped it out. 

With bloody nostrils, the host continued taking Cyrus on a tour of his set, but in the process, dug himself further into a hole. "I had sex on that desk once," he revealed. "What if I told you it was a three-way?"

"I wouldn't believe you," Cyrus retorted on her way out. 

"What if I told you it was a one-way?" he said with her out of earshot. 

Seth Meyers, Miley Cyrus


The visit continued at the NBC store, where Meyers urged Cyrus to steal some loot and proceeded to talk awkwardly with a faux teenage fan he paid to approach him. 

Then, back in his dressing room, Meyers got ready to light up. "Do you want to chief up?" he asked the "Wrecking Ball" star. She politely declined and stepped out. 

When Cyrus returned, she found a bewildered host hiding under his desk. Seth admitted to eating the substance he had in a plastic bag. 

Seth Meyers, Miley Cyrus


"I'm so lame," he said, thinking he was high. "My idea of rebelling is going a day without shampoo."

However, after further investigation by Cyrus, the bag was filled with...basil leaves.  "That makes sense. It smelled and tasted like basil," Meyers added.

"Seth, give me a hug, you sweet, sweet idiot," Cyrus said with a hug. 

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