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Ricky Martin, Maluma


Ricky Martin and Maluma really know how to party!

The Puerto Rican and Colombian artists just released their music video for "Vente Pa'Ca" and it's all sorts of hot. 

It all goes down in Miami when Ricky and Maluma coincidentally run into each other while at a swanky hotel. Then in true Miami style, the two have numerous parties and even one grand rooftop soiree. 

The music video had over 50 extras and was directed by Jessy Terrero

The track was originally written in English as "Some Kind of a Dream" and adapted into Spanish by Mau and Ricky Montaner, the sons of singer Ricardo Montaner

"Vente Pa'Ca" debuted Sep. 23 on radio stations around the world and on all-digital music streaming services like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google. 

During his One World Tour concert in London, Ricky brought out Maluma and performed their new single for the first time and it was all captured on Facebook Live. And in true Ricky fashion, the concert was for the Autism Rocks charity to raise awareness about autism. You can check out touching speech at the 14:30 mark. 

Ricky also became the first artist to do a takeover of Instagram en Español, @instagramES, as he shared a day in the life of his One World Tour. 

Can we get an invite for the next party, Ricky?