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You should be very, very worried about everyone who isn't Annalise Keating after those terrifying final minutes of the How to Get Away With Murder season three premiere.

Who could be under that sheet that caused Viola Davis to cry so hard? (Side note: That was some phenomenal acting; Viola's worth every damn penny ABC is paying her.) We'll have to wait until episode nine to find out, but we will get clues as to who it could be each week until then.

"Every week we're going to see another person alive, so each week you can have your bingo board and cross a character off that list," creator Pete Nowalk told E! News at a special screening of the episode. "I'm not going to tell you all the characters it could be—you have to do all that work on your own—but each week we'll turn over a new card."

Viola Davis, How to Get Away With Murder, HTGAWM


The writer's room is on episode eight right now, which means there's only a week or two until they write the character's untimely demise. "That's a thing I've been putting off for as long as I could because it was something we set in motion in May with the writer's room and it's finally coming to fruition in a way that's really horrible for everyone on the show."

Take star Conrad Ricamora's word for it: "Oh God, it makes me get choked up," he revealed. "It's heartbreaking! And I think it's going to surprise people. It's not going to be what people think but it's heartbreaking."

So what the heck are we supposed to do now? Well, Nowalk hopes you consider carefully all the clues the show leaves behind. "Each episode you'll find out a little bit more about [what happened]," he teased. "Did Annalise do this to herself? Is this a surprise to her? Is she in control here or is she not in control? And I think those are the the fun questions I want people to ask."

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.