Imagine a huge star-studded dance party. There are famous faces everywhere, a DJ who knows exactly what music to play to get people on their feet, and maybe some lights and a fog machine (because we don't like to limit our imagination).

Now, who do you picture tearing up the dance floor? The usual suspects, right? Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Channing and Jenna Tatum...

But what if you saw Ellen Pompeo, the doctor you know and love from Grey's Anatomy, strut up to the middle of the circle and flaunt some choreographed moves? Not your first thought, we know, but quite the possibility, so we've learned.

The actress shared an Instagram video of herself doing an exceptional dance with two pals while on set to Drake and DJ Khaled's "For Free," and we're here for it.

"It goes on and on....@shondarhimes WE ARE WORKING OUR ASSES OFF!!! #seasonwhat??? #shondalandproblems #ourfansarethegreatest @thumpnixon @therealdebbieallen," Pompeo captioned the post.

If this pleasantly surprised you, we're glad. Because we've also learned that Pompeo isn't the only star who has some dance skills up their sleeve. Check out our super-cut of celebs who've given us a glimpse into their somewhat secretive talent on Instagram.

Some of them you may expect, and others will catch you totally off-guard (and those are the best ones).

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