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ESC: Sarah Hyland, Emmy Awards 2016, Candid

John Shearer/WireImage

Looking to elevate your nails—and quick? Sarah Hylandhas a genius trick.

When the Modern Family star walked the Emmys red carpet, we couldn't help but notice her manicure perfectly complemented her stunning outfit. The gilded paint job came courtesy of a pro, but the neutral base with gold accent looked like something doable by less capable hands (read: us). Luckily, we got the tutorial straight for the source—so we could do it ourselves and share it with you, of course.

And to our surprise, the nail art hack is insanely uncomplicated and easy: just add a gold stripe.

ESC: Sarah Hyland, Nails

The Inspiration: "We wanted to bring out the gold threading in the embroidery [of my top]," said the actress. "So that's why we chose to do a gold stripe down the middle of the nail. My manicurist, Christina Aviles, used Essie in Allure to start as the base. Then, Essie in Good as Gold was used to create the metallic accent. I loved it!"

The (Incredibly Easy Yet Totally Cool) How-To: Start by painting your nails as you normally would with an off-white, cream-colored polish. Then follow the first coat up with a second. Ready for the upgrade? Paint a vertical stripe of gold polish on your nail. That's it!