Josh Brolin, Jeffrey Wright

Shreveport Police Department

Looks like there'll be no need for a presidential pardon for this W. crew.

Prosecutors in Shreveport, La., have reached a deal with attorneys for Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright, agreeing to drop all charges stemming from their highly publicized July bar brawl.

Cindy Kemp, spokeswoman for the Shreveport City Court, tells E! News that as long as the actors and five others accept "district attorney's probation" and stay out of further trouble, all misdemeanor counts against the group will be dismissed at their next court date, scheduled for March 11.

The W. gang was out celebrating the wrap of the Oliver Stone biopic at the Stray Cats bar when cops were called to break up a disturbance in the early hours of July 12, 2008. Brolin, the celluloid commander in chief, tried to talk cops out of arresting a drunk crew member, but he and Wright, who plays Colin Powell in the movie, wound up getting pepper sprayed and arrested for interfering with an officer.

Brolin and Wright were originally due to enter a plea today, but their arraignment was postponed last month to give the two sides time to work out a resolution.

The actors' L.A.-based legal eagle, Blair Berk, along with local lawyer Ron Michiotto informed the court this morning a deal had been hashed out.

"All charges will be dismissed. It was entered this morning and will be finalized in 60 days so there's no admission [of guilt']," said Berk. "They will be deemed not arrested and not convicted of anything."

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