Kathy Griffin

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Well that was brutal   We're cleaning the residual shrapnel out of our eyeballs after witnessing that odd minibattle between Emmy red carpet host Ryan Seacrest and Kathy Griffin.  "You are the devil," Griffin just told Seacrest on the carpet, adding cryptically, "Why did you call security?"
The talk turned to Emmys. Seacrest congratulated her on her past Emmy win. Griffin retorted that Ryan has no Emmy. Ryan replied that he has a "Daytime one."
"Can that be revoked?" Griffin said. "You're kind of bothering me. You're kind of judging people."
After a bit more of Griffin swinging away and Ryan sallying forth, Griffin ended the interview, calling Seacrest a "man whore."
"That was a lot of work," Seacrest told Rainn Wilson right after the, uh, whatever that was. "You know how she is."

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