There's nothing quite like watching two grown men throwing their sticky balls at each other. 

Before your dirty mind gets away from you, we mean this quite literally. During Tuesday night's episode of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon brought a hysterical new game to light with his guest, 38-year-old professional wrestler John Cena

Clad in velcro suits, the late-night host and heavyweight champion were tasked with lunging velcro balls at each other. Whichever man with the most balls attached to his suit by the end of the round lost. Of course, both television personalities didn't waste any time making quips about their balls

John Cena, Jimmy Fallon


"Just two dudes playing sticky balls exhausted," Cena told Fallon as the game came to a close. 

"John, will you count my sticky balls please?" Fallon replied. 

"Well, you at least got two," the athlete joked. 

Ultimately, Fallon emerged the champion of the sticky competition. It looks like Cena needs some more ball practice. 

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