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Oh boy. Where to start with The Good Wife's "Unmanned"? Divorce! Departures! Drones!

I guess we'll start with the drones. That was the case of the week and OK, sure. Whatever. Drones. The only important thing that happened here was Anna Camp returned as Caitlin of "Marthas and Caitlins" fame and was sassy and made Alicia Florrick really think. Alicia's client had to pay for destroying drones and whatever.

Anyway, with that out of the way, let's start with the important stuff. Divorce or departures? Let's go with departures.

Goodbye Cary Agos?! I think it's safe to assume Matt Czuchry will be back, his character has been called to testify in the case against Peter Florrick, but WHAT?! The whole "Diane wants an all-female led firm" stuff came to a head once David Lee agreed to support Diane in making Alicia a name partner. More money for him is not more problems. Cary voted against it and then decided to have Diane buy him out.

The Good Wife


"I know, because I'm quitting. I'm having Diane buy me out. I don't like it anymore. I like being a lawyer, that can be fun, but this isn't. I'm not good at it. I'm not good at looking over my shoulder. I don't want to be my dad," he said.

"Cary, you can't just quit," Alicia said.

"Yeah, I can," he said, closing his computer and walking out. Mic drop.

This happened after he waxed poetic about the craziness he and Alicia went through these last seven years.

On to the divorce stuff. Apparently Jason is Greek Orthodox and believes in god. This doesn't bother Alicia as much as Grace's Christianity does, she even notes that. Man, she really doesn't like Grace sometimes. Anyway, she had to go to court to deal with drones and she left Jason to parade around the apartment in his boxers because the world needs more scenes with Jeffrey Dean Morgan sauntering around in boxers. And then Peter came home. Oops.

The Good Wife


Peter: "We are still married."
Jason: "I'll get my things."
Peter" "Yeah, that would be good."
Peter then asked him how long this whole shebang has been happening and whether Grace knows, to which Jason says that's a question for Alicia and tries to leave.

Jason: "You're in my way."
Peter: "You're screwing my wife and I'm in your way?"
Jason: "At the moment, yes."
Peter: "I should kick your ass."
Jason: "You can try. And then what?"

For a hot second I thought we'd get a brawl, then I remembered this is The Good Wife. But Jason would take Peter down. The whole interaction made Jason all weird with Alicia. She made it clear she just wants to get her bones jumped. "This is purely sexual," she told him. "Is this about your religion? Because I don't want your spirit. I want your body." Alicia Florrick is very horny and not pleased to learn Peter said something to Jason, so on she marched to his office where she announced she wanted a divorce. She's not messing around. Those seconds of silence when she sized him up before announcing it were amazing. Peter, obviously, was jealous and went on and on about her being in love "again," him on the verge of indictment, Grace, etc. And that's when The Good Wife may have been the most self-referential it's been all season: "Peter you're always being indicted," she told him.

At the end of the episode he came back to her with a proposition: Divorce can happen, he won't contest it, Alicia will get her way IF she stays with him through his indictment. This is the big one, the last favor. Will she be The Good Wife one last time? That's when the episode ended.

Backing up a little, AUSA Will Schuester threatened Marissa and this didn't sit well with Eli, so he lawyered up and got Diane on his side to make a deal. He will confess to obstruction of justice regarding the FBI sting he warned the bond court judge about if Marissa is left alone. He may also remember some stuff about Peter. Bam.

Gasp count: 4. Yeah, I'm not kidding.

The Good Wife airs Sundays, 9 p.m. on CBS.

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