Calling all Guardians of the Galaxy fanatics! This one's for you. 

With the sequel more than a year out from hitting theaters, it's safe to say you'll need more than just a simple sneak peak every now and then to keep any Groot-induced freak outs at bay. Well, thanks to Chris Pratt and the team at Omaze, an immersive experience on set of the Marvel blockbuster is just a donation away. 

The goofy space adventurer himself just released a hilarious promo video, giving us a behind-the-scenes look straight into the film's costume and props department, infamous Milano spaceship and more. Pratt even promises (well, kind of) the winner a chance to jump a forklift and their own door on the set's back lot. Talk about knowing your audience, Chris! 

But if an on-set adventure and opportunity to swap stories over lunch with Chris isn't enough to convince you, then the charitable aspect of the campaign might just do the trick. 

All donations of $10 or more will benefit the Boys & Girls Club in Pratt's hometown of Lake Stevens, Wash., where Pratt says a brand new center will be built from the ground up. 

Additionally, participants can get their hands on signed Guardians merchandise and even a piece of superhero artwork drawn by Chris himself—though it does look like 3-year-old son Jack might have been the actual artist. 

For a good laugh, check out the video above and learn more about the do-gooder's campaign here

Throwback alert! Check out Chris all the way back in 2003. 

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