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All things indicate that 2016 will be a great year for Sandra Echeverría.

The Mexican actress seems to have it all. She is happily married to Leonardo de Lozanne, and they have a gorgeous son Andres, and is starring in Busco Novio Para Mi Mujer. 

You might also recognize the 31-year-old star from her role in Savages, where she played Salma Hayek's daughter. 

Echeverría, who helped launch Neutrogena's first-ever global campaign #VerasQueEsPosible (#SeeWhatsPossible), sat with us at the #WeAllGrow Summit to with discuss her favorite beauty tips and advice for other women. 

On Skin Care:"I always use a gentle scrub on my face in the shower. Because I do it daily, I make sure that it's gentle enough for my face. That helps to remove any impurities that stayed on my face from my makeup or other things," Sandra said. "I always wear sunblock before my makeup. Sometimes as Latina's we think our skin holds the sun better, even if it's cloudy. That's not true. You always need SPF."

She also shared with us what her nighttime routine was like. "Before bed, I have a two-part regimen. I like to use makeup remover wipes and make sure that everything is off my face, even waterproof mascara," the actress told us. "Then I put on my creams. I like to use a good eye cream, because that's the softest skin in our face. After that, I apply my serum and a good facial cream. That way your skin absorbs the vitamins while you sleep."

The star said she also correlates good skin with a healthy diet. She tries to not have carbs or fried food, which she credits for her post-baby weight loss. Drinking tons of water is one of her daily priorities, in order to keep her skin hydrated.


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On Being a Working Mother: "Give your child quality time. If you're going to be with him for two hours, then disconnect from absolutely everything. Look at him in the eyes—get to know your baby," she said. "Sitting there as you watch TV is not quality time to me."

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On Advice for Women:"I think us women need to appreciate ourselves, and I think we need to really go after our dreams," Sandra told us. "Us Latinas tend to sacrifice too much for our husbands, our families and our kids. We sometimes give up on our dreams in order to help the ones we love. I think it's important to feel accomplished and achieve the goals that we set for ourselves."

She had a great point, but her following thought was even more powerful.

"You never want to look back on life and say ‘I did nothing.' Because then you'll live the rest of your life upset at yourself and at everyone else around you," the actress said.

Much like she explained, a woman that feels that she hasn't completed the things she wanted in life, will then live in regret. It will ultimately affect their outlook on life.

This was a position that she knew all too well, because that's exactly what happened to her character in Busco Novio Para Mi Mujer.

"I think that my character, Dana, is a great example of what happens to women when you dedicate yourself to others and forget about yourself," she explained. "She is fed up with life, and her husband feels that he can no longer be with her. That's what leads him to hire a professional seducer, in order for her to leave him. After that, Dana gets the job she always wanted. Everything starts to really change for her," Echeverría explained. 

Moral of the story—live your dream!

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