Kandi Burruss, Baby


Kandi Burruss' baby boy is truly turning into her greatest hit.

More than two months after welcoming her first child with husband Todd Tucker, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star continues to be in love with her little one, even if he has some inconvenient habits.

"He's awesome. I brought him to New York with me, so it's his first trip. He rode the plane and didn't cry," she told E! News. "He's a heavy eater. Non-stop. And he sleeps during the day and then tries to stay up at night so I need to figure out how to turn that around."

At least that gives mommy some time to work on her other projects including her new girl group, Glamour. Before we get into the R&B stars hailed by Kelly Rowland as the "Baby Destiny's Child," we had to ask Kandi about her body after baby.

After gaining about 10 pounds during her pregnancy journey, the Bravo star found dieting and breastfeeding was key to getting results.

Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Fields


"I strictly breast-fed for the first month and a half. Now I'm kind of supplementing," she explained. "And then I didn't drink anything but water—no juices, no sodas—and I didn't eat any desserts or sweets during the month of January and most of February. So that helped a lot, to be doing all of that at the same time."

While Kandi thinks baby Ace will be her final baby, there's no end to the drama brewing on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Before the juicy reunion kicks off Sunday night on Bravo, the new mom teased viewers about what they can expect once the ladies gather together with host Andy Cohen.

"The reunion went crazy. Personally, I thought the reunion was going to be kind of boring at first but it turned out to be the exact opposite. It was over the top," she confessed. "As a viewer, I would love it. But to be in it, I wasn't loving it."

In addition to going back and forth with Phaedra Parks over a few disagreements, Kandi promised that Kim Fields "turned up" on Kenya Moore. Is it too early to grab the wine and popcorn?!

Kandi Burruss, Glamour


Whatever drama is surfacing with the ladies, Kandi remains focused on her girl group Glamour. Composed of Moriah Gaither, Ydal Stewart and Kaylan Montgomery, the singers have already made their mark on the music scene with their YouTube covers, experience on X Factor and memorable voices.

"We are an R&B group and our music is stuff that you can vibe to and turn up to," Moriah shared with E! News. "It's not corny, but we do not curse and we are not inappropriate."

Kandi added, "They're great performers who can sing and dance at the same time, live. They don't need to lip-sync or any of that. So I respected their talent more than anything."

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