Lily Aldridge's hair is full of secrets. 

We kid. But the bronzed and beaming Victoria's Secret Angel is full of plenty of tips, tricks, and tails from the front lines. Or in this case, the sandy shores of St. Barts where she filmed last night's Victoria's Secret Swim Special. When "you're with your girls and you're all together," as Lily told E! News exclusively in New York City Wednesday, you can't help but drum up a bit of "mischief." Especially when "your girls" involve the likes of famously fierce BFFs like Candice Swanepoeland Behati Prinsloo, to name a few.

But what kind of mischief did the girls get up to, you might ask? The kind that involves Nick Jonas, for starters. He performed as part of the Victoria's Secret Swim Special along with Demi Lovato. "Nick is so sweet and had so much fun with the girls. He actually went on an island adventure with them," Lily said. "[The cameras] really followed us around. They sat with us at dinner. We went hiking. They got to see us doing our swim catalog shoots. It's very fun!"

Fun doesn't begin to cover it. Along with the perks of primping beach side with pop icons, being a supermodel—and an Angel, no less!—requires a lot of hard work and dedication (read: a concerted health regimen). "The great thing about the swim special is that it was filmed very shortly after the runway show, so we were all in amazing shape," Lily explained. "Before the show we're more like athletes. I eat healthier. I'm working out more." 

And as for the rest of the time? "Day-to-day is different every day, honestly," Lily said. "I live a very healthy lifestyle...I'm very relaxed. I just try to be healthy and happy and work out. If I want a pizza, I have a pizza, and if I want a salad, I have a salad." Lily's relaxed eating habits extend to her fellow Angels, too. "After the Victoria's Secret show I started this tradition with Behati...we just have a big pizza party," she said. "Every girl shows up. It's glorious we all love it."

And though we take it Lily's brand of "relaxed" wellness may look a tad different than our own day-to-day, we do admire her candor. Lily needn't worry about counting calories, as VS's new line allows for a bit of wiggle room.

"We know every woman has a different body type. Some of them are bustier or more petite, and so you can mix and match according to your body type and find the perfect bikini for you," she said. "Try on the different styles. Sometimes you'll be surprised what flatters you. I really think the ruched bottom is flattering for most women...It's one of my favorite go-tos. Neon colors always look good. And black always looks good...and a no brainer for me is a tie bikini bottom...You can kind of make it flatter your body."

The right suit "depends on the woman," Lily said. "What they're more comfortable with."

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