Jillian Harris, Justin Pasutto, Pregnant


And baby makes three!

The Bachelorette's Jillian Harris is pregnant! She and her boyfriend Justin Pasutto announced the news on his Instagram page, where he shared a gorgeous black-and-white photo of her standing in a sports bra and spandex shorts staring down at their adorable dog. But the star of the show is her growing baby bump.

"So everyone has been waiting and waiting and waiting and frankly I'm tired of everyone telling me to lock it up... I mean if you know Jill she will loose the ring. So I came up with the best invention ever for the love of my life. A little baby miracle in her tummy," he wrote in the caption alongside the photo.

"Words can't express how lucky and blessed we feel to introduce a new life into ours and that our wish has finally come true. @nachocilantro on the other hand, isn't quite sure what that means for him but he's excited too."

So cute!

Harris also blogged about the news, writing how it was the most "wonderful" post she had ever written.

Harris opened up to E! News at Bachelor in Paradise stars Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding and said that even though she and Pasutto have been together for four years, getting engaged isn't a priority for them.

"I'm not proposing to myself, but I know that I made it very clear to Justin when we first got together that this is kind of the year we might be looking at having a family," she told us. "Who knows what will happen first but we talk a lot about growing the family and having a family and I think after being on The Bachelorette and I had that ring, I put way less pressure on myself to have to have that ring again. It didn't protect us from breaking up."

She continued, "It's a wonderful thing to have, but for me I just want that to happen when we're both ready…in the meantime, it doesn't make our relationship any less strong. So whenever he's ready, it's fine!"

Congratulations to Jillian and Justin!

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