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Siri is everywhere. She's chillin' on your iPhone, hanging out inside of your Apple TV and soon she'll be taking over your Mac. What a gal, right? Always there when we need her. 9to5Mac says the launch of this new feature will take place in the fall of this year. Curious about how it will work? Apparently Siri will be located in the menu bar and will use voice commands like it does on your other devices. It will feature those colorful sound waves to indicate that she is listening to you ask where the nearest KFC is located. 

Gizmodo says Siri will not take up space on your entire screen, and when your Mac is connected to power, a simple "Hey Siri" will activate your invisible BFF. Do you think Siri will be down to find us bulging muscle pictures of The Rock? Can she Postmates us some Carl's Jr.? That's what she's really there for, right? Helping us through our lazy, lonely nights? Sigh. Thanks for always being there for us, BB. 

Are you stoked for Siri on your Mac? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! 

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