Okay, so we got Chandler to dance to our tune... No, not ours.#FRIENDSonCC, Mon-Fri, 10 PM.

Posted by Comedy Central India on Sunday, February 14, 2016

Well, friends (or should we say F.R.I.E.N.D.S.), it's finally happened.

Our 1990s' pop culture has merged with our current-day pop culture to create possibly the best mashup this side of 1-800-PIZZABLING. We give you the Chandler Bing/"Hotline Bling" mashup. 

How it has taken this long for someone to realize that not only is the name "Bing" hilariously close to "Bling," but our dear Chandler is in fact the television incarnation of Drake's dad-moves. But question this we should not, for now we are fortunate enough to marvel at this masterpiece all the live long day. 

Comedy Central India is the genius responsible for our new favorite video—posting it on Facebook with the caption "Okay, so we got Chandler to dance to our tune." That you did, Comedy Central India, that you did.

The resulting mashup is pretty much exactly as you can imagine: A bunch of supercuts of Chandler awkward-dancing to "Hotline Bling," with some perfectly-timed dialogue mixed in. Apparently Friends uses the phrase "call me" way more than we realized.

The video is a great excuse to not only listen to "Hotline Bling" over and over again, but to pay remembrance to Chandler's sweater vests and offbeat finger-pointing. We have to say, it certainly seems like Drake may have picked up some pointers from Mr. Bing.

Chandler Bing Mashup
Chandler Bing, Joey Triviani GIF
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