Jodie Sweetin's Ex Alleges Substance Abuse, Family Court Investigates

    Jodie Sweetin, Cody Herpin Todd Williamson/Getty Images

    UPDATE: Sweetin blames her ex for a lawsuit filed against her by her homeowner's association, which has sued the actress for $1,185 in unpaid dues.

    "Jodie moved out of this house six months ago and has been living with her mother ever since. [Herpin] was supposed to pay all the bills on the house, and he was supposed to get a job, but it looks like he isn't doing either of these things," a rep for Sweetin tells Trial is set for July 14.

    In order to be with her baby daughter, Jodie Sweetin has to have a full house.

    After an emergency family court investigation into the former child star's lifestyle, a judge issued a temporary custody ruling Wednesday stipulating that Sweetin has to be at her parents' home, where she's currently living, or at least in their presence when she's taking care of her 8-month-old daughter, Zoie.

    Sweetin currently shares custody with estranged hubby Cody Herpin and is looking to make the joint arrangement permanent. Herpin, however, requested sole legal and physical custody and spousal support several weeks after Sweetin filed for a legal separation.

    The 50-50 arrangement stands for now, according to today's ruling. A court psychologist also testified today that she does not believe Sweetin poses a risk to her child.

    Another custody hearing is scheduled for Feb. 9.

    But while an attorney for Herpin—who raised allegations of resumed substance abuse—says they're concerned that Sweetin, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, is drinking and possibly using methamphetamine again, the former child star's lawyer says she "has absolutely not relapsed."

    "She merely confessed to having several glasses of wine over dinner recently and felt guilty about that," attorney Wilma Presley told People. "She is currently in a 12-step program and is working hard on her sobriety. She wants to be clean and sober from everything."

    (Originally published Dec. 17, 2008, at 5:59 p.m. PT)