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On Monday, the most important thing on the Internet was Chipotle giving away free burritos. The buzz surrounding that promotion was second only to Sad Eli Manning. In fact, let's see that GIF one more time:

Eli Manning, Super Bowl 2016


There he is. Hey, Sad Eli! Are you sad because you missed the window for your free burrito? Keep your chin up. At least you aren't Henry Levine, a D.C. lawyer who had the random misfortune of possessing a phone number very, very similar to the one Chipotle was using to give out free food.

As we reported yesterday, Chipotle was trying to lure customers back after its E.coli disaster by offering anyone who texts "RAINCHECK" to 888-22 a coupon for a free burrito. Unfortunately, a lot of people failed to understand that basic step and tacked on an extra "2" at the end. And poor Levin, who has the number 888-2222, was suddenly at the receiving end of hundreds of texts begging for a burrito.

Levine, a true hero, didn't want these poor people to miss out on a free food, so he reached out to Chipotle to alert them of the mistake. According to his daughter-in-law Dorry, Chipotle was thankful for his effort to help out, but said they didn't need a list of the numbers who had texted him.

"You're sweet for wanting to help out our fans that texted the wrong number," a Chipotle rep wrote, via the below tweet by Dorry. "There's no need to send them along. I'll get your cards out to you soon."

Basically, Chipotle was happy to give Levine a free burrito, but for all those people who texted the wrong number…well, they are s--t outta luck

Our favorite part of this story is when Levine texted back some of these people that he wasn't Chipotle, he got some very aggressive responses, like "Where's my free burrito, bitch?"

Well, you know how the saying goes: hell hath no fury like a man who is not getting free food.

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