Ben Higgins, Brandon McManus

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Whether it's a game on the field or a game in love, this Super Bowl football player just can't get enough. 

Brandon McManus, the Super Bowl-bound kicker for the Denver Broncos, may be putting in all his extra time on the football field in preparation for Sunday's ultimate athletic face-off, but that doesn't mean he can't steal away an hour in front of the television screen for The Bachelor. 

That's right—the 24-year-old sportsman is enamored with his pal Ben Higgins' televised quest for love. 

The athlete and software salesman are friends off-camera, catching up in Denver when they are both in town. 

"I don't know the winner," McManus told E! News. "I don't want to spoil the show for me, but I'm excited to watch how his journey is going to end up and meet the winner in Denver when they make it official. 

According to McManus, he's not the only football pro obsessed with the reality show sweeping America. 

Bachelor in Paradise star "JJ [Lane] came over and we had a watch party with [Denver Broncos tight end] Owen Daniels and his wife who is an avid watcher as well," he added. "It's cool to talk to somebody as you watch a show who went through the experience and knows how everything is set up that they don't tell you."

Lauren B., The Bachelor


Since he follows the series so closely, McManus already has two ladies he's hoping his Colorado pal chooses. 

"My two favorite people are Lauren B....everybody is googly-eying over their relationship," he admitted. "And you haven't seen much of her, but JoJo, that cute little game she did with the index cards to learn about her and her family...where she comes from. Those two are my two people right now."  

While we would love an invite to one of McManus' viewing parties, it seems he's keeping the event exclusive for right now. 

"We haven't reached out to our other teammates that we watch it yet. It's a secret right now," he said. "I haven't reached out to see how many people they have at their house. "

—Reporting by Baker Machado

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