Jamie-Lynn Sigler isn't about to say her fight against multiple sclerosis has been easy.

But, as the 34-year-old actress told E! News' Maria Menounos exclusively at the NBC Experience Store, living with M.S. is "a fight, but you'll feel better and stronger for it."

Jamie-Lynn hasn't faced this battle alone, though—she drew support from family, friends and co-workers, including her late Sopranos co-star James Gandolfini. "It was the beginning of the fifth season. I was going through the divorce and my symptoms were starting to happen a little bit, and he could just tell that I was becoming a bit removed and sad. He was a very caring and supportive person. He was like a dad."

She confided in a few other cast mates, too, including Robert Iler, who "was and still is one of the closest people in my life," she said.

Jamie-Lynn didn't tell everyone at work about her diagnosis, though. "I thought I'd get fired. I thought I would be judged," she said. "I thought people would put limitations on me that I didn't necessarily have or need."

She said she used to tell friends she'd go public with her M.S. battle when she was "completely better" and "killing it." One of those friends recently told the actress that she was, indeed, "killing it" right now, and between her health, work and personal life, she had to agree. 

Jamie-Lynn and Cutter Dykstra, the father of her 2-year-old son Beau, just said said "I do" on Jan. 16, and as she told E! News, it really was, "the best night of my life."

"It really felt like a new beginning," she said. "And I really feel like it is. It's a new year. It's a new marriage. It's a new new me. I'm living my truth and I'm proud, and I have felt the opposite of that for so long. It's just really nice."

For much more of Jamie-Lynn's candid interview with Maria, watch the videos above.

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