Seriously? Sometimes life isn't fair. If we go outside without makeup on or something, people scream and point. And here's Chris Hemsworth, former Sexiest Man Alive, just walking about the planet, existing and such. And to add salt in the wound, the Avengers star is just as attractive in LEGO form! What is this sorcerery?! And is it weird that we also find Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. as LEGO figures attractive? Probably. 

Why are we ranting like a crazy person? Because after watching our exclusive clip from the upcoming LEGO Marvel's Avengers video game, we're convinced that Chris Hemsworth was put on this planet to prove that some humans are just plain hot, no matter what form they take. LEGO or otherwise.

Watch the clip of the Avengers above and try and tell us that you're not at least the slightest bit attracted to these guys in all their LEGO glory. 

LEGO Marvel's Avengers launches on January 26, so definitely pick it up if you want more LEGO Hemsworth in your life.

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