Saoirse Ronan got some of the best news of her life Wednesday when her mom woke her up with the news that she'd been nominated for an Oscar.

So how did the Brooklyn star follow up this epic morning announcement? She went shopping at T.J. Maxx, actually, and brought along her Academy Awards date, too!

"I have to go to T.J. Maxx later," the 21-year-old Irish-American actress told E! News at the Greenwich Hotel in New York City on Thursday. "Mom and I need to go out, and I need to get an electric kettle for my new apartment and some cushions. So I'll probably do thatthat's how I'm going to celebrate!"

Not surprisingly, the department store chain was pleased to learn Saoirse was a Maxxinista! "We're excited to hear that Saoirse Ronan is a fan of T.J.Maxx because we're also a huge fan of hers!" Gina Bollus, a spokesperson for T.J.Maxx, said in a statement. "We look forward to having her and her mom shop our stores and wish her the best of luck with her Oscar nomination!"

Saoirse surely appreciates the well wishes (and presumably all her T.J. Maxx finds), but it's her own talentand her mom's unwavering supportthat have gotten her to this point. That's why, the Brooklyn star told E! News, her mom Monica Ronan will "always" by her Oscar date. "It's never not going to be my mom. Even when I'm married, it's still going to be momif I get married."

And why exactly is that? Watch the videos above to find out!

—Reporting by Vanessa McDonald

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