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Mr. Robot is no match for Mr. Draper. Or so it turns out. Mad Men's Jon Hamm took home the Golden Globe for Best Actor in Television Series, Drama, beating out Mr. Robot himself, Rami Malek. If we had to pin those two against one another, we'd say they're both winners. Some may disagree. Among them, Rami's own mother.

Wait...say what?

Rami appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday and dished up some less-than-expected intel on his mother's Best Actor loyalties.

"She was really proud...She's my backbone. But all she wanted to do was meet Jon Hamm. I was like, 'OK, mom. You can meet Jon Hamm. Hold on; I got to do some interviews.' And she's like, 'I need to meet Jon Hamm right now,'" the actor spilled to Ellen DeGeneres. "We were sitting down and his name got called and he won and she said, 'He deserved it,'" Rami added.

Eek. Talk about motherly love? We kid, we kid.

Really, who can blame Rami's mom for loving Jon? The Mad Men actor is quite the talent. After all, it takes a certain amount of dramatic flair to play, as Jon aptly dubbed in his acceptance speech, such a "horrible" character with such convincing vigor. Because Jon is far from horrible. In fact, he actually seems like a pretty nice guy. And a pretty humble one to boot!

"I thought, 'Well, it's the new guy's year and that'll be great.' And then they said the old guy and I thought, 'Oh, s--t. This is going to be bad,'" Jon candidly admitted to Maria Menounos at the E! After Party Sunday night. "Then you're standing in front of literally everybody who's the most famous people in the universe and you have to say something funny and I tried to and I failed."

Jon's acceptance speech may not have been the smoothest but it was certainly endearing. And his comedic chops aren't much to scoff at either. If you recall, the dramatic actor has brought the laughs on some pretty hilarious comedies including 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Rami may have been up against some impressive competition but at the end of the day, nothing succeeds a mother's love. Not even Jon Hamm. At least not entirely.

"She loves me to death, but I think she was protecting me to a certain extent," Rami added. Protecting him from what, you may ask? Disappointment? We're not quite sure. But if your mother is going to root for any A-list actor against her very own son, it may as well be Jon, right?

Right, according to Rami. The talented and humble Mr. Robot star has the utmost respect for the TV veteran. "He's such a cool guy," he said. "He was so much fun and he is so deserving."

Better luck next time, Rami. We'll be rooting for you! And with Jon out of the way, we bet your mom will be, too.

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