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The Christina Milian Turned Up season two finale was jam-packed with drama!

Christina Milian decided to end her relationship with her boyfriend when cheating allegations started to surface.

The reality star explained, "I can't do this anymore, we're done."

While she was going through relationship troubles, Christina was also working around the clock to put on her "We Are Pop Culture" event, which caused her even more stress.

But while there was a lot of drama on this episode, there were also many happy moments, like when Dom proposed to Lizzy! What did Lizzy say?

Take a look at the CMTU season two finale recap below to find out and to see even more OMG moments from the episode!

CMTU, 209


1. Danielle Milian Breaks Down Talking About Her Relationship With Richard:

Danielle Milian is extremely stressed out over her pregnancy and her relationship with her husband Richard

While at lunch with her mom, Carmen Milian, Danielle breaks down in tears when talking about Richard.

"What's up with you?" Carmen asks. "How's you and Richard?"

"Um..." Danielle says.

"What was that?" Carmen asks.

"I don't know, I don't know what's up with him," Danielle says. She then reveals Richard has been staying at his parents' house since they had a fight.

"If he's gonna get himself together it's gonna happen and if not I'm emotionally prepared to..." Danielle says.

"Are you? You're starting to get drained now?" Carmen asks.

That's when Danielle breaks down in tears.

"I'm tired all the time, I've been drained," Danielle says.

Danielle goes on to say, "He's supposed to be my hero and I feel like he's failed me and he feels like he failed me."

"We will do this no matter what as a team," Carmen tells Danielle.

CMTU, 209


2. Christina Reveals She & Her Boyfriend Are Over:

Christina is upset when she hears rumors about her boyfriend Lil Wayne cheating on her.

"There comes a time when you have to open your eyes and say, 'I don't have time for games, I don't have time for games.'"

Christina goes on to say, "I don't like the idea of being single again, but I can't do this anymore, we're done."

CMTU, 209


3. Danielle & Richard Visit a Support Group:

Danielle and Richard are going through a very emotional time with Danielle's pregnancy complications. So they decided to come together to visit a support group for other couples who have children with Omphalocle.

"In an attempt to better prepare ourselves for what lies ahead, Richard and I are on our way to meet up with some members of a support group for families who have dealt with Omphalocle," Danielle explains.

Danielle and Richard meet with the families and hear their stories, which helps them understand how other people have coped with the same situation they're currently in.

4. Christina Argues With Her Team:

Christina is trying to put together an event for her "We Are Pop Culture" store. But time is running out and Christina's creative team is stressed. 

So when they get together to talk about the event, everyone starts arguing!

Watch the video clip above to see if Christina's team can resolve their issues before the event!

5. The Milians Help Dom Propose to Lizzy:

Dom enlists the Milians to help him propose to Lizzy. The women pick a restaurant for Dom to propose and they invite Lizzy to go to a "early birthday dinner."

Little does Lizzy know, Dom's actually at the restaurant waiting to propose.

In the video above, the Milians pull a trick on Lizzy. Christina says she has to go to the restroom and then doesn't return, so Carmen and Danielle tell Lizzy to go find her. When Lizzy goes to find Christina, she runs into Dom, who then asks her to marry him!

What does Lizzy say?!

Yes of course!

Congrats to the couple!

CMTU, 209


6. Christina Performs at Her "We Are Pop Culture" Event:

After all of the drama putting the event together, the day finally arrives to show off Christina's "We Are Pop Culture" store. 

During the event, Christina performs and absolutely dominate! The crowd loved every second of her performance and the event was a success!

CMTU, 209


7. Lizzy Heads to France With Dom to Meet His Family:

At the end of the episode, Lizzy heads to France with Dom to meet his family for the first time. 

While Lizzy's excited to meet Dom's kids, she jokingly admits she's "not looking forward to the potential baby mama drama."

Thanks for an amazing season two, Milian family!

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