Tiffany Thornton, Christopher Carney

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It's been a painful holiday season for Tiffany Thornton after losing her husband in a tragic car accident one month ago. 

The 29-year-old former Disney actress grieved the death of her beloved husband Chris Carney through an emotional Instagram tribute posted Monday after he died in a car accident four weeks prior. He was riding in the car's passenger seat alongside Ezekiel Blanton when the vehicle slammed into a tree, killing both men. 

"Today marks one entire month I've been without you Chris," she said of the father of her two children, Kenneth and Bentley. "As I sit here watching our little guys during their bath time I can't help but think that you should be here, that it's not fair that you had to leave this world so soon, that I was somehow robbed of growing old with you and having more babies with you and celebrating more anniversaries with you."

Chris Carney, Tiffany Thornton


Despite her grief, Demi Lovato's gal pal has forged on while remaining devoted to her faith. 

"Then I remember you weren't ever truly mine, you were always God's. I was simply borrowing you from your real home, Heaven," she continued. "So tell God I wanna live in your mansion with you when I get there...Until then I promise to make you proud as I raise our boys to know the spirit of God, to feel it flowing all around us as we cry together, laugh together and grow together."

The blond beauty shared a second shot in tribute to Carney, this time a candid photo of him holding his baby son, Kenneth, whom they nicknamed "KJ." Thornton called the 35-year-old "the GREATEST dad." 

"I will never ever ever forget you," she concluded. "I promise to make sure our boys don't forget you either."

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