Ed Westwick

Humberto Carreno/startraksphoto.com

First, we had Penn Badgley and Blake Lively possibly not being together—according to club sources who insist they saw Blake on her own, out and about last Friday night. What gives? Why's the Goody Two-shoes of the cast suddenly hanging like Paris, or something?

Lively rep says Ms. L didn't flirt away from Penn, witnesses say she did. Now, we have a GG sitch perhaps even more unsettling: Gossip dandy extraordinaire Ed Westwick was seen drinking and cavorting at a supergay Manhattan cabaret club called Marie's Crisis, in the Village.

Wearing a vest and a fedora, Mr. W was cheering "really loudly," say club witnesses, after a Les Miz number, of all things. Gasp!

Is this how Gossip's hedonistic, hell-raising, sex-oozing set should be behaving while off duty? I mean, aren't Blake's antics (real or not) really more in keeping with the heat this show's all about? Please, Ed, no more. We adore you and the show—would hate to see that change.

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