Kim Kardashian

Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Since Angelina Jolie Jr., a.k.a. Megan Fox, was so nice about opening her lips last week at the Men of the Year bash and dishing about what bedroom antics are her fave, we decided we simply had to ask that twisted ‘n’ kinky query all over again. This time up—the Kardashians, who so know their way around sensational fun:

Awful Truth: What should a Man of the Year always do in bed?

Kim Kardashian: Just snuggle with you. Like hold you and spoon with you.

A.T.: Not exactly what we thought you’d answer, but good enough, babe.

A.T.: How ‘bout you, Khloe? What don’t men do in bed that they should?

Khloe Kardashian: Kiss your neck and your collarbone. That gets anybody going. Men forget to kiss, it’s like slow down! Kissing is key!

A.T.: Really. Guys need to go from pushy-pushy-pushy to kissy-kissy-kissy. They’d sure get more if they did!