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How do big actors manage to put their money where their mouth is and get out and vote? Will I see them at the local community center, standing in line?
—Kyra, Santa Monica

Well, in case you're wondering exactly how Pitbull will be casting his ballot for Barack Obama, live in darkness no longer. If he can, he tells me, the rapper will go to the polls in Miami, and in person.

"I might have to vote by mail due to my schedule," he told me Friday, "but I prefer to vote in person, so people will understand and see how much I respect the power of voting."

Also, prison-bound rapper T.I. cast an in-person ballot last week in Georgia. But what about your favorite sanctimonious A-listers? How do they cast their votes? Turns out they have their own way of remaining enfranchised...

Take Leo "Will Someone Please Think of the Planet" DiCaprio, who has, in past presidential elections, voted via absentee ballot. Ditto with Cameron Diaz. They've even told people about it via publicity lackeys: In 2000, they let it be known that they voted for Al Gore from the set of Gangs of New York.

"They want to get the news out that they've voted so more people back home will vote too," unit publicist Larry Kaplan said at the time..

Gwyneth Paltrow, still a U.S. citizen despite her home base in London, has said she'll be voting from there this election. "I'll be voting from London," she announced recently, "but you can vote from anywhere."

So do it, already!

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